The origins of the brand

Brand concept

Taiwan is known for snacks and delicacies , and the concept of establishing our brand is to promote the culture of Taiwan's delicacy. The brand is named as "Monga" because Monga is the most famous traditional area, and chicken fillet is the best-known snack of Taiwan. The combination of these two highlighted Taiwanese characteristics. The image theme figure of Monga is in cute version, local and Taiker style. Monga even invite a well-known artist as image endorsement. These let Monga segmented with other chicken fillet shops and stay in consumers' minds in visualization and mnemonic way as well as establish subsequent brand and franchise. The obvious Taiwanese style is beneficial to be identified in China Mainland and world for franchising. By-products like fried sweet potato strips, fried potato strips, etc, are based on creativity, cooperation with local farmers. It lets the local products and the delicacies of Taiwan recognize internationally .

Product Features

In contrast to the traditional chicken fillet, which was too thin to retain the moisture of chicken and causes its taste dry. Monga fried chicken distinguishes itself by its cutting process. Every chicken fillet will be cut into a thick slice with at least 2cm .Therefore, the chicken fillet would prevent from losing its chicken juice under high temperature frying and the taste is solid and satisfying. Also, due to the increasing thickness, the pickle process, oil temperature during cooking and time control should be more skillful and crucial. The sauces used in pickling not only contain good quality and pure soy sauce but also particularly replace the original granulated sugar with honey. The amylase in honey not only soften the meat but also the key to prevent the taste of fried chicken fillets to be affected. The frying skill adopts double fry method, which plays a role in maintaining the crispy skin and the delicious taste of chicken.Besides, the golden ratio of fried flour is obtained from hundreds of experiments, so the chicken offers a crispy and crunchy. The refreshing taste like thin crust pizza, and it is absolutely without greasiness when eating. Monga fried chicken fillet is a innovative great taste which you have never eaten. I promise that temperament beauties and ladies would unable to take care of their table manners!

Promises of Franchise

  • 1
  • Strict selections of raw materials and ingredients as well as providing of safety inspection and certification.

  • 2
  • Cooperate with local farmers, freshly delivery to the shops.

  • 3
  • Unique taste which is irreplaceable, hardly bear to put it down.

  • 4
  • You can easily learn how to cook with the training which is standardized.

  • 5
  • Full set of operating equipment.

  • 6
  • With the professional business counseling, monthly sales over millions is not a dream.

  • 7
  • Creative brand propaganda success to attract the consumption.

  • 8
  • With widely marketing type, do not have wait the customers to drop in.

  • 9
  • Ongoing innovation of products development keeps ahead in the market.

  • 10
  • As long as you have the determination to succeed, we will assist you on funds of entrepreneurship or operation.